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Czeslaw Walek

Open Society p.b.o,

Czeslaw Walek has worked in the area of human rights protection since 2000 when he graduated from the Human Rights stream of Central European University. He has worked both in the governmental sector - for example, as the Czech Deputy Minister for Human Rights he was responsible for the creation, adoption and implementation of domestic policies on human rights protection – as well as the non-governmental sector. Currently, he works as Executive Director of Open Society, p.b.o,, a leading Czech human rights NGO that focuses on access to information, gender and race equality or community policing.  Since 2011, Czeslaw has chaired the Prague Pride association that organizes the biggest LGBT festival in post-communist countries and runs an online peer mentoring service for LGBT individuals in crisis. In 2011, he was awarded the Alice G. Masaryk Human Rights Award for his dedication to promoting human rights in the Czech Republic.