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Filiz Bikmen

Constellations for Change
Social Investment and Philanthropy Adviser
For more than a decade, Filiz has worked with foundations and NGOs in Turkey to promote social justice and philanthropy and foster cooperation with European and international organizations. Filiz currently serves as a social investment and philanthropy adviser, working with individuals, families and institutional philanthropic organizations to create  "Constellations for Change"- an alignment of assets, values and strategies to foster positive social change. Filiz also leads the Turkey grantmaking portfolio for EMpower Emerging Markets Foundation. Her prior roles include Founding Director of Programs and International Relations at Sabanci Foundation, and Director of TUSEV, Third Sector Foundation of Turkey. She served as Board Member, Vice Chairman and Chairman at the International Center for Not for Profit Law in Washington D.C,, and is currently Vice Chair of the Interaction Institute for Social Change in Boston. Filiz was awarded the Richard von Weizscaker Fellowship in 2014 at the Bosch Foundation in Berlin, and the Emerging Leaders Fellowship in 2006 at the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society in New York. She lectures regularly at Universities and conferences in Turkey and abroad and is an author of more than 30 publications on subjects related to philanthropy and civil society. She holds an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a dual BS degree in Psychology and Business Communications from SUNY Brockport. For publications and more information: https://independent.academia.edu/FilizBikmen.