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Jacqueline Wood

Informal Working Group for GPEDC Indicator 2
Jacqueline’s career spans over twenty years working in Canada and overseas, first in development project implementation and management, then with a growing concentration on public policy. Much of Jacqueline’s recent work has been in policy research and analysis to understand, and in turn positively influence, the relationship between civil society and governments. Jacqueline is part-time Senior Policy Advisor with the multi-stakeholder Task Team on CSO Development Effectiveness and Enabling Environment, the Secretariat of which is housed at the Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands. She is also one of ten experts on the Informal Working Group for the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation’s Indicator Two on the enabling environment for civil society. Jacqueline’s professional efforts have focused on international norm and standard setting; the promotion of good practice; and monitoring implementation by governments and CSOs of their commitments to the provision of enabling environments for civil society and CSO effectiveness and accountability. Jacqueline is undertaking PhD research at Carleton University to explore the drivers behind the growing trend toward both regulatory and non-regulatory restrictions on civil society in many countries, with Kenya as a core case study.